10x7 Pear Ring Mt St Helens Emerald Obsidianite - Click to enlarge
7018 - Mount St. Helens Emerald
Obsidianite 10x7mm Pear cut solitaire
in Tiffany style Silver Ring with a 3mm
cubic zirconium accent on each side.  
Two ct. Color- MSH Emerald Green.  
Sizes 6,7,8,9   
Sale $129.99
5mm Twilite Mt St Helens Stone in Sterling Silver
7100TZ - Mount St. Helens Twilite
Emerald Obsidianite 5mm round cut
solitaire in Tiffany style Ring.  
Sizes 5,6,7,8
Sale $59.99
Rectangular Twilite Mt St Helens stone with cz accents
7161TZ - Mount St. Helens "Twilite"
Emerald Obsidianite 8x6mm Radiant
Emerald cut Silver Ring with a 2mm
cubic zirconium accent on each side.
Sizes 6,7,8    
Sale $129.99
14x10 Mt St Helens Twilite stone w/o cz
7239TZ - Mt. St. Helens Obsidianite
14x10mm Twilite Ring. 6.0 ct.  Sizes
$149.99 - special order ( 2 weeks)
Oval Twilite Mount St Helens Sterling Silver Ring
7186TZ -  Mount St. Helens Stunning
Oval cut 14x10mm Twilite (shown) or
Green Obsidianite Ring in a solitaire
setting.  5.0 ct.  Sizes 6,7,8,9
Sale $149.99
Mt St Helens Sterling Silver Oval Stone with double cz accents.
1080A - 10X8  Sterling Silver Mount St.
Helens Oval 2.0 Carat Ring with cubic
zirconium accents on each side.  
Available Green, Twilite, Rose
Size 5, 6, 7, 8    
Sale $129
14 x10 Mt St Helens Emerald Ring w/o cz
7238 - 14x10 mm Mt. St. Helens
Emerald ring in solitaire setting - 6ct.
Sizes 5,6,7,8
  $149.99 Special Order
Only ( 2 weeks)
14 x 10 Oval Mt St Helens Emerald Obsidianite Ring
7185 - Mount St. Helens Emerald
Obsidianite 14x10mm Oval cut
solitaire.  Fabulous 5 carat stone.  
Color- MSH Emerald Green.  Sizes
Sale $149.99   
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Featuring Mount St. Helens Emerald Jewelry (Obsidianite, Helenite )

The Stone: On May 18, 1980 Mount Saint Helen's erupted with the explosive force of 500
atomic bombs leveling 200 square miles. Thirteen hundred feet of earth was blown from the top
of the mountain, sending a cloud of ash more then 60,000 feet into the air and eventually
circling the earth.  From this volcanic ash and rock is created Mount St Helen's Jewelry, a fused
silica similar to obsidian, with the natural color of the evergreen forests that once surrounded
the mountain. These memories and colors are preserved for eternity in hand cut stones set in
exquisite jewelry.  Now also available in Twilite (violet) and Rose.
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