Reserve your Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tour Here !  Come face to face with
America’s Volcano, one of nature's most magnificent miracles.
 Fly over the blast zone and marvel at the
volcanic devastation, elk herds, ghost forests, and growing lava dome.   You could spend the entire day
hiking the Monument and not see a fraction of the sights seen on this breathtaking tour in our 4 passenger
Bell Jet Rangers.  
We have booked over 40,000 happy passengers for Mt. St. Helens
  This year there are only two helicopters to handle the tours across the entire Monument so seating
is limited.  I highly recommend reserving your spot now - you can always change your reservation later if
needed if space is available.  Reserve your exciting memories
online now or call us at (360) 274-7750  
( 10-6 PDT May-Oct) to reserve over the phone or for more info.  We offer
LONGEST FLIGHTS - BEST VALUE !   No hidden surcharges or "Private Flight Fees"

  • Helicopter Tour Operating Months:  May, June, July, August, Mid-Sept.
  • Flight Times: Daily 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM  weather permitting
  • Seats Per Flight: 4 plus the Pilot
  • Length of Flight: 20 to 45 minutes depending on options selected
  • Aircraft: Bell Jet Ranger - The Worlds top rated helicopter
  • Departure Location: Milepost 24, Hwy 504 via Exit 49 I-5
  • Arrival Time: Please arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to secure your reservation.

       With room for only 4 people an hour
    so be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Departing every 45 minutes, June thru August.  Flights from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, weather permitting.   Bell
Jet Ranger seats 4 plus the pilot.    Cameras welcome.   Walk-ins are welcome if space is available - Call
us at 360-274-7750 the morning or day before to confirm availability and weather.  Allow 45 minutes for your
tour which flies over the devastated Toutle River Valley, over the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Reserve,
past Coldwater and Johnston Ridge and straight up past Spirit Lake  to the jaws of the Crater where you’ll
have a view of America‘s only active volcano - and home to the newest Glacier in North America.  Return
back over the Elk Preserve, the hummocks debris flow, the 160 ft. deep sediment flow, and experience
Nature's panoramic devastation and rebirth first hand.   Our world-wide visitors frequently tell us this is the
highlight of their vacations.     While the outlying forests have grown back as a verdant carpet of green much
of the 200 square miles destroyed in the blast still exhibits a lifeless appearance that caused then President
Jimmy Carter to remark  "Mount St. Helens devastation makes the moon look like a golf course."  

Highlights of America's Volcano Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tour
  • View the amazing Ghost Forests
  • Watch for the Elk Herds - hundreds of elk can be seen at times
  • First hand look at the Mud Flow Devastation
  • Recent Forest Recovery and Harvest
  • Mount St. Helens Lava Dome - commonly steaming
  • "Jaws of the Dragon" Crater Entrance
  • Spirit lake
  • Mount Rainier in the distance
  • Choice of Morning or Afternoon Flights every 45 minutes
  • LIVE pilot commentary by audio headphones on board
  • Informative, friendly and PROFESSIONAL pilot/guide
  • Choice of FOUR different Mount St. Helens Helicopter tours

Additional Info:

PRICES LISTED ARE PER PERSON.   We truly want you have the time of your life on this exciting tour and
will do everything possible to accommodate you.   Your reservation will be secured with a valid Credit Card.  
Your card will NOT be charged until the time of your flight.   Confirmation will be received at
time of booking.   Tour Passengers must arrive no later than 30 minutes before their scheduled departure
time to secure their reservation.  Due to limited seats (4) late arrivals are not guaranteed of a flight.  Due to
comfort and weight / balance of the aircraft, passengers weighing over 275lbs. may be required to purchase
an additional seat - payable at the boarding hut just prior to departure.   If your group is less than four you
may be flying with other passengers - share the fun !  In the case of where you are a solo flyer and other
passengers do not show for a flight we will try to find a seat for you on a later flight as we can not fly with just
one passenger.


What Should I wear?
Clothing should be comfortable and casual.   Bright colored clothing may cast a reflective glare on the
helicopter's windows.   Suggest you bring a light Jacket or sweater.

Should I Bring a Camera?
Yes, we encourage you to take pictures. The view is absolutely breathtaking.  You can open the window, we
just ask you keep the camera inside.

Is there an age limit?
Since safety is our #1 concern, we ask that children be over the age of two and wear a seat belt. We do not
allow infants to sit on laps.

How Close do we get to the Volcano ?
The flight gets you as close to the volcano as the FAA allows which is just outside the crater opening.  We do
not fly over the volcano opening - you wouldn't want to fly over an active volcano !

How safe is it?  
We have been offering helicopter tours of Mount St. Helens for 20 years - over 40,000 passengers - all
without a single safety incident.   The industry refers to this as a "Gentle Tour" meaning slow climb rate,
hazard free, clear line-of-sight to destination and origination with no stop-overs.   FAA regulated and licensed
pilots and operator.

Is there a Place to Eat Nearby?
Eco Park Resort operates a wonderful Backwoods Cafe right near the departure point.  A great spot to
unwind and enjoy homemade pie while you wait for your flight.   Milepost 24, Hwy 504

Can I change Tours or Upgrade?
Yes, if your group are the only ones on your tour you can upgrade to the flight of your choice.  If other parties
are on your tour everyone would need to agree to the upgrade - which happens very frequently.   The first
party booking a flight gets to select the tour type for that flight which is another reason to book early.  

What if my plans change ?
You can change your reservation at no charge if space is available.   Please notify us at least 48 hours
before Departure time to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.

What if its rainy?
We are in Washington so we do get rain at times, yes, even during the summer.  If your flight cannot be
rescheduled to your satisfaction you will not be charged on your credit card - there are no deposits to refund !

Can I get a Gift Certificate ?
Yes, you can purchase a Gift Certificate right here for the price of the flight and the recipient can use it to
schedule their own departure time or you pre-schedule it for them.  (Coming 6/20)

Important Terms of Service ( Disclaimers & Rules )
Click on link above for terms of service


  email us.


"We saw the Grand Canyon
and Yellowstone but the
Helicopter Tour of the Volcano
was definitely the highlight of
our vacation....."
Bob Jackson, Des Moines

Thousands have toured Mt. St.
Helens by Helicopter - it is the
most memorable part of their
vacation and for many it's the
best ride of their lives...."  

Awesome !  Great narration by
our pilot.   We took the Grand
Tour and got some great
photos and great memories.  
Thank you !
Debbie Sauter, Michigan
Mount St. Helens Best Helicopter Tours !  360-274-7750
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  • Flying May-September
  • Choice of 4 Tours!
Sample the Tour :
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CRATER TOUR:  25 Mins     
Guaranteed Low Price:  $199
Straight flight up to the Crater - have your camera ready.   Your tour follows
the path of the devastating mudflow up the Toutle River Valley, over the
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Reserve, past Castle Lake and the
rolling Hummocks, across the debris flow "moonscape" and straight up to
the jaws of the Crater where you’ll have a view of America‘s only active
volcano - and home to the newest Glacier in North America.  Return back
over the the 160 ft. deep sediment flow, and experience Nature's panoramic
devastation and rebirth first hand.                                
Check Availability
BLAST ZONE TOUR:   25-30 Mins                                    
Guaranteed Low Price:  $249
Includes an extended flight over the blast zone area while still including a
close approach to the crater's mouth.  This tour loops north providing
unparallelled views of Spirit Lake and the famous Ghost Forests.  Extends
past Coldwater Lake and Johnston Ridge Visitor Center with Mount Rainier
visible in the distance on clear days.  Your pilot provides a narrative of the
devastation and geologic rebirth you see below you.  While elk are common
views of bigfoot are rare.  Camera's encouraged.            
AWESOME COMBO TOUR:   35-40 Mins          
Guaranteed Low Price:  $299
One of our most popular helicopter tours provides an extended photo and
viewing opportunity combining both the Crater Tour and the Blast Zone Tour
as the name suggests.  Bring your video camera, cell phone or digital
camera and capture your tour for lifelong memories - or put it on Youtube for
all to enjoy.  See America's volcano on this fantastic tour.  We've booked
75% of all the Mount St. Helens helicopter tours in the last 20 years and this
is the
Best Mount St. Helens Tour we've ever offered !        BOOK NOW!
SEDIMENT DAM TOUR:  10-15 Mins                  
Guaranteed Low Price:
A great choice for cloudy days and an affordable helicopter tour to look for
elk and experience the devastation of the mudflow.    Its an exciting fun
family trip and a great adventure.   
your reservation you will indicate your tour choice.  If you are booking
reservations for 3 or more you may upgrade to any of the tours at the time of
departure. Parties of 1 or 2 will have the option of upgrading the tour if the
other 2 passengers on the tour agree.
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